La internacionalitat una peça clau del Sant Pau



Des de l’escola apostem fermament per les llengües estrangeres, amb el criteri que l’autonomia en anglès (i alemany) els permetrà assolir els reptes que lliurement es proposin. Els nostres ex-alumnes evidencien aquesta autonomia quan cursen programes a l’estranger. En aquest cas l’Ariadna ens va adreçar la seva experiència personal per a que poguéssim traslladar als nostres alumnes que quan es treballa des de l’esforç i la constància, tot és possible. Us facilitem un fragment:

My name is Ariadna Lopez I am nineteen years old and I would like to introduce myself as an ex student from Sant Pau Apostol’s School.

Fortunately, two years ago when I finished my academic year in Sant Pau, after my experience, learning, my academic and personal growth, and of course I want to highlight the help received from all the personal, especially from my English teacher, my tutor and the head of department I decided to leave to Ireland (Cork) with the purpose to improve my English for a year.

Everything seemed to work better than what I thought and I had the opportunity to do “the Leaving Cert”, therefore I would have the possibility to get into some college here in Ireland.

At the moment I am studying a full time Physics course in Cork’s college and my intentions are to finish my degree here.




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